ST. LOUIS – Customers of a city-owned garage in the Central West End complain about the lack of security there. One woman described encountering a naked man as she went to her car.

Another said two men followed her to her vehicle and then knocked on the window, trying to get her to open the door.

The St. Louis Treasurer’s Office is responsible for managing and owning the garage. Some of the women work at a local university and said it’s the most convenient place to park, even though they said it’s not the safest. They said there’s no one in the parking garage office, so if something happens, they are on their own.

Patrons really got angry when the city raised the monthly parking fees from $65 a month to $85 with a promise of more security that never came.

Some of the women who are complaining said they’ve called the city for answers.

“Within the last month, I contacted them three times for answers about this price increase and why we still don’t have security, and not a single response,” said Sarah Dunn.

She said there are reasons to worry.

“Men, random men, when I’m trying to park approaching us,” Dunn said. “I’ve come out here as I was leaving work one day, and there were two men outside the garage here, and they watched me and another woman into our vehicles and followed us all the way up, and once we were in our vehicles, tried to know on the windows and approach us.”

FOX 2 reached out to St. Louis Treasurer Adam Layne for answers. He said he didn’t have time to talk on camera. He promised to send a statement, but it never arrived.

Meanwhile, people are taking any precautions they can at the garage. They want action and security before something bad happens.