Sen. Blunt outraged over lack of work at Wentzville ObamaCare facility

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Missouri Senator Roy Blunt tells FOX2 taxpayers should be outraged over the scandal at a Wentzville facility getting taxpayers money to process claims for Obamacare.

Workers and former workers have stepped forward saying they were doing little work for your dollars.
Senators Blunt and McCaskill want an investigation in Serco’s contract and whether the company was charging you for too many workers who didn’t have enough work.

Workers say they played games and read books to pass the time.

Senator Blunt says he’s heard where workers were told to refresh their computers every 10 minutes to look like they were busy.

Both Serco and the government agency that  gave them the contract, defend what your paying, with the company saying it’s doing nothing wrong.

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