ST. CHARLES, Mo. — Another family was forced to move out of the troubled Heritage subdivision in St. Charles.

An emotional Victoria Poletti told FOX 2’s Elliott Davis she had to leave her home after seeing severe foundation problems like deep cracks in the basement floor and cracks in the walls and ceiling.

She lives next door to where a home had to be demolished because it was in danger of falling down a hill. The subdivision woes have been decades in the making.

St. Charles officials say part of the problems come from the county not forcing developers to adopt more stormwater mitigation measures. It sometimes looks like a river of water rushing through the subdivision, and that weakens the soil.

Poletti is just hoping for something positive.

When asked if there’s some sort of buyout available, St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann responded: “Well, we will look into that.”

“We have buyouts in a flood plan for houses that are flooded,” said Ehlmann. “We’ll see if the federal programs that we use for buyouts can possibly apply to those houses that are sliding down the hills.”

Tara Rath is Poletti’s neighbor who lives on the other side of the demolished house. Her retaining wall is sinking, and she’s seeing cracks in her house.

“So we have this approximately 70 to 80 feet retaining wall that is clearly sinking,” said Rath. “Believe it or not, it was all level, and the ground is literally pulled away. We’ve lost one home already, and we’re on the verge of losing another one. And I’m not sure that mine’s not next or other ones in the neighborhood.”

Ehlmann said he’s done all he can.

He pointed to the county spending a million dollars on special trucks to detect sewer problems. He said he’s worked to get money from the state to address the water problems. He also said he’s working on long-term answers like setting up a levee district where St. Charles County would pay a big part of the cost of fixing the problem. Still, some of the board members of the Homeowners Association are not impressed.

One of them, Jim Rutherford, said: “We’ve got nothing except false promises and maybe a little bit of hope. It’s crazy, and we’re getting kind of tired of it. We’re starting to think it might be time for a change at city hall.”

One man trying to make a change is Missouri State Sen. Bob Onder of St. Charles County. He’s running to unseat Ehlmann. Onder said he and another St. Charles representative succeeded in bringing in $2 million to help St. Charles County deal with water woes.

Elliott Davis asked if he thought Ehlmann was doing a good job handling the troubles and Heritage. He answered: “I don’t’ think he has. I don’t think he has, Ellliott. No one can make excuses or pass the buck like Steve Ehlmann.”

Ehlmann responded to Onder’s criticism: “I’m saying what would he suggest we do instead.  I’d be glad to hear some suggestions on how we can do it better, differently, or faster.”