Sheriff says office will be swamped with eviction orders after coronavirus crisis dampens

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ST. LOUIS – You Paid For It investigator Elliott Davis learned calls for evictions have jumped nearly 40 percent since the coronavirus crisis.

Sheriff Vernon Betts says his office is getting a lot of calls from landlords wanting to evict people from homes and apartments.

In normal times landlords go to court and get an eviction order. Then it falls on the sheriff’s office to actually serve the notice and evict the family.  But the eviction notices have been put on hold by the Presiding Judge since the coronavirus crisis. Families are not being evicted right now.

There’s a backlog of eviction right now. The Sheriff says the Presiding Judge could lift the order suspending the evictions before the end of the month. The Sheriff says his office is going to be swamped when that happens.

Before the coronavirus crisis the sheriff’s office served about 50 evictions a week. Once they resume that will likely jump to around 200 evictions a week. So, it seems time is running out for hard pressed families facing eviction.

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