ST. CHARLES, Mo. – The City of St. Charles is launching a new summer crackdown on reckless driving in the area.

Mayor Dan Borgmeyer said it’s a growing problem that puts neighborhoods in danger. He and the police want to diminish the issue before it gets out of hand.

“It’s called “zero tolerance.” One of my primary complaints that I’m receiving from the mayor’s office is speeding, all kinds of speeding,” Borgmeyer said. “We were kind of a quiet little community, and now our 25 mile-per-hour speed limits, we are starting to see people coming to court with tickets of 45, 55, even 65 miles per hour. It’s unsafe, it’s intolerable, and we’re just at the point where we’re going to draw the line now, and if you’re speeding in St. Charles, you’re going to be ticketed, and you’re going to be fined.”

The crackdown started this week and will run through August. The mayor said they are also going to put an end to kids illegally driving golf carts. He said there is going to be an explosion of underage drivers putting golf carts on the road. Borgmeyer said if anyone under 15 was caught driving a golf cart, then their parents will be ticketed.

Part of the effort also includes a crackdown on expired temporary tags. Officials said a similar approach last year was hugely successful. Police Chief Ray Juengst for the St. Charles Police Department, said this is the time to act, which is what the city is doing.

“As a society, we’ve seen since COVID, it’s like nobody understands what the speed limit is anymore,” Juengst said. “So we really need to put that back in their minds. We’re taking a zero-tolerance approach, what that means is if you’re speeding, you’re going to get a ticket.”