St. Charles County Ambulance District evaluates response to deadly tornado

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. — The St. Charles County Ambulance District scrambled most of its ambulances to Defiance when Friday’s tornado hit.

Ambulance Chief Kelly Cope told FOX 2’s Elliott Davis that his department performed well, but there were plenty of lessons to learn. Cope said one of the biggest challenges was getting in and out of blocked roads.

He said his leadership team will sit down and evaluate protocols as they prepare to expand the district.

“We always look at those potential resources down in the south,” said Cope. “We will always reconsider do we have enough deployed there. Do we have items that we need to? Do we have the preparedness that we need in that area? I would say yes, it would absolutely have an impact on that as we evaluate how best that we respond to this situation”

The Ambulance District is building two new stations that will provide more coverage for the 364 corridors in the St. Peters area between Heritage Landing and Mid Rivers Mall Drive and up Jungermann just north of McClay Road. That station will be at the corner of Woodstone Drive and Queens Brooke Blvd in St Peters.

It will have one advanced life support ambulance running out of it when it opens.

The other new station will be at the corner of Towers Road and Caulks Hill Road in unincorporated St. Charles and will provide more service in the Harvester area. That station will have one ambulance running out of it.

Currently, the areas are served by one station. The Chief says that’s just not enough. Elliott asked if this was a case of not having assets in the area to respond, in force, to any situation.

“I would tell you that in force is the way to describe that as the difference,” said Cope. “When you have one station that has a very busy singular truck there, it’s not really large enough to establish a second truck at that location. It’s better for us to switch and move that to two locations.”

The two stations are scheduled to be finished by next fall.

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