St. Clair County State’s Attorney says county could be safer from violent crime

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 ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ill. – The You Paid For It Team sat down with some of the area’s top prosecutors in Missouri and Illinois over the next few weeks. They are the people in charge of making sure taxpayers get justice in the fight against crime.

You pay millions for them to do that job. You Paid For It investigator Elliott Davis first talked to The St Clair County State’s Attorney James Gomric about crime in his county that includes East St Louis, his toughest times on the job, and his opposition to the death penalty.

Gomric did not provide numbers but says he believes his office is doing a good job in the battle with crime. He describes how crime is down in St. Clair County.

He credits a special State Police task force that’s been helping around the county and especially East St Louis cope with its crime problem. Gomric says crime is down in St Clair County. But he still says St. Clair County is not as safe as it should be.

In 2019 there were 886 violent crimes in St. Clair County, including 46 murders. By 2020 that had dropped to 530 violent crimes and 10 homicides. The figures from the FBI weren’t yet available for 2021.

Gomric says one of his hardest moments on the job was the case of a young man who he says had amazing potential but was gunned down in a senseless killing. Gomric had the tough job of sitting down to comfort his mother.

Elliott Davis talked to Gomric about his opposition to the death penalty which was abolished in Illinois. Gomric said, “the death penalty belongs on the ash heap of history.”

Gomric also says he feels for inmates who are behind bars longer because of the pandemic that shut down the courthouses and suspended trials.

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