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FARMINGTON, Mo. – Just over a month after the official seal of St. Francois County drew laughs and criticism on social media, the You Paid For It team has confirmed the county has begun a taxpayer-free contest to replace the seal.

People were blasting the St. Francois County seal, which appears not only on official letterhead but on county vehicles as well.

Some Farmington residents and others online complained there are too many elements on the seal.

Presiding Commissioner Harold Gallaher, the man who designed the seal in 2018, admits it leaves a lot to be desired.

Gallaher said the seal redesign coincided with his announcement that he would run for re-election. He said his hastily thrown together seal didn’t cost taxpayers and adds this new one won’t either.

The county is holding a contest to come up with a new seal. People with the government can’t participate in the process.

The prize is a $100 gift card, paid for with the commissioners’ own money.

Gallaher is taking things in stride.

“I think it’s kind of silly considering a number of bridges and the hundreds of miles of roadway we take care of and the buildings we take care of, a multi-million dollar budget, couple hundred employees,” he said. “All those different factors and here they’re arguing over a seal.”

The contest will end on February 28. For more information, visit the St. Francois County website.