St. Francois County residents concerned commission is ignoring concerns

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ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. – Residents in St. Francois County called the You Paid for It team for help in their battle with the St. Francois County Commission. The dispute is over a project they fear will make their quiet community a lot worse by bringing in a huge influx of new traffic.

The county commission is ignoring their pleas not to use Rice Road through their community as a way into a planned new subdivision. Residents argue there’s an alternative road that officials just won’t use.

FOX 2’s Elliott Davis first called the Commissioner Harold Gallaher for answers. When his calls weren’t returned, Elliott paid a visit to Gallaher, catching up with him before a commission meeting.

After first saying he wouldn’t comment, Gallaher later told Elliott that the complaining residents just didn’t want the new project to infringe on them in any way.

For their part, residents are saying the county commission is just not listening and is determined to do what they want regardless of how taxpayers feel.

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