St. Francois County residents say commission’s plan will ruin their neighborhood

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ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. – Residents in St. Francois County have been against a plan by their local county commission, which they fear would change their quiet community to a busy thoroughfare.

The commission decided to use their street as a shortcut to a proposed new subdivision. They handed the land over to a developer to build the new road.

Residents called FOX 2 over the summer to spotlight this deal and our You Paid For It team went to take a look at the area near Desloge.

We caught up with the County Commission Presiding Commissioner Harold Gallaher. He told FOX 2 he was aware that residents didn’t like the plan but said the commission was pushing on with it anyway.

But since then a dramatic change.

The residents hired a lawyer who had residents do a title search. It revealed the county didn’t own what they thought was their right of way after all. So now the plan had to be scrapped. Residents said the developer had already started tearing up the ground to make way for the new road. Apparently, the county will have to pay to put it back like it was.

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