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ST. LOUIS – At a special hearing Tuesday, St. Louis Aldermen listened to the details of a new way to fight crime. The program involves ‘eyes in the sky’ and is called the Community Support Program.  A representative of the program told Aldermen they could have three photographic planes covering 95 percent of St Louis.  The planes would be flying for 40 hours a week.

When a murder or shooting happened they could go back to the place on the recording where the crime happened, pick out the bad guy, and follow his movements before, during, and after the crime. They could follow the suspect past police ground-based cameras that could get a better look at the vehicle and possibly the suspect too.

This is a $7.5 million value. But it will be provided to St. Louis for free for three years. The program is being made possible by a rich benefactor who wants to see a test of the program to see if it helps. Aldermen listened to the presentation.

The mother of a murder victim also came to support the program. She said something different must be done to deal with crime in the city. The program has to get city approval to access its ground cameras and other assets.