St. Louis business owner says post office stopped delivering mail for months

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ST. LOUIS — A Frontenac businessman said a problem at the post office is putting the squeeze on him and workers at his company.

Todd Bender, the owner of US Wiping Materials Co., said the post office stopped delivering mail to his business, which is located in north St. Louis. The firm makes wipes primarily used in auto manufacturing.

Most of Bender’s orders come through the mail, but he hasn’t received any mail for the past couple of months. He said he called his local post office and city leaders to resolve the issue to no avail.

“It makes me feel like our government is so big that I am just a very small speck in a big cog,” said Bender.

FOX 2’s Elliott Davis reached out to Mark Inglett of the Postal Service’s strategic communications department in Kansas City. Inglett said they fixed the problem, but declined to provide any specifics.

In a statement, Inglett said: “We gladly work to address any specific issue from the community when brought to our attention.”

Bender said he started receiving his mail on a regular basis soon after.

“Since you were able to find the senior supervisor in Kansas City for the State of Missouri, we have now been getting our mail on a regular basis from the regular carrier,” Bender said. “I would never on my own have found this man!”

Bender said business is back to normal.

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