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(KTVI) – A free take home car for a St. Louis City official with a $96,000 salary.  You Paid For It investigated this deal that City Treasurer Tishaura Jones gets at your expense. She spent taxpayer’s money for a GMC Terrain.

But there is some confusion over the price.

When I first asked about the cost of her take home car her office spokesman emailed me back saying the price tag was $42,536.23.

But Wednesday, on the night we’re running the report they called to say they’d made a mistake on the price. They sent another email saying the cost to taxpayers as actually $28,576.23. Either way it’s not like the Treasurer can’t afford her own vehicle.

Tishaura Jones did a sit down interview with me to discuss this issue.

But at a point she got tired of my questions, abruptly ended the interview, got up and walked away. Most St. Louis City officials have either given back their take home car or never took one in the first place.

For now, Tishaura Jones is hanging on to this pricey perk for a politician that’s costing taxpayers plenty.

In addition to the car you also pay to gas up the vehicle.