ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The St. Louis County Council voted to approve the county’s share of the convention center expansion and $40 million for the new north St. Louis County recreation center.

Council chairperson Rita Days had held up the County’s $110 million share of the convention money since October of 2021. She was holding it up until she got the support she needed to get the recreation center in her district approved.

Days neared the finish line on her effort with tonight’s vote. She told FOX 2’s Elliott Davis she’s relieved after such a long fight. The City of St. Louis has already approved its half of the $210 million recreation center.

There’s also a new twist to the story. Cost overruns now total $40 million. Councilman Mark Harder said it’s an issue the council needs to look into. He said he doesn’t know where the extra money is coming from.