ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County Councilwoman Shalonda Webb says she is elated the county council passed her legislation for the demolition of the Jamestown Mall. The bill provides $6 million to demolish the mall, which has sat abandoned for about 11 years.

Many county executives over the years have tried and failed to move the Jamestown Mall project along.

Councilwoman Webb made this issue the centerpiece of her time in office. Under this set up, $6 million in ARPA funds will be put in the county budget to free up $6 million for the demolition.

“Look…we’ve been waiting on this for 11 years. Jamestown Mall has been a problem in our community for 11 years and it’s went from an eyesore, to a health hazard, to a public safety hazard,” Webb said. “It needs to be taken care of and that’s what this funding allows us to do”

The councilwoman hopes the county will start looking for a developer as the demolition moves along to give the next phase a head start.

Webb is not saying how long it’s going to take to get this project finished but says it’s going to take a while.

As for what she’d like to see: “A multipurpose use. There’s so many needs in this community…multiple facilities that will address community needs for students, like we said before, some housing needs and address entertainment, good wholesome entertainment, eateries, and some shopping,” Webb said. “We know it will never be a mall again.”