St. Louis County Council tells Bi-State taking over Loop Trolley would waste taxpayer money

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - Members of the St. Louis County Council lashed out at Bi-State this week for considering a bailout for the Delmar Loop Trolley saying that would be a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Elliott Davis sat down with Councilman Ernie Trakas who said Bi-State should not expect any financial help from St. Louis County in funding the trolley. He says Bi-State has enough on its plate rather than worry about failed trolley.

The trolley was shut down at the end of December. It could not attract enough riders and ran out of money to operate.

The CEO of Bi-State has come up with a plan to get the trolley back on track. He proposed to the Bi-State Commissioners for Bi-State to take over the trolley and use federal dollars and money from a taxing district to run it. But that would only last 4 years. After that they would have to ask local governments for help.

Councilman Trakas says Bi-State should look somewhere else for help because they won't get it from the county council.

The newly picked head of the Council Lisa Clancy says Bi-State should be cautious when considering this deal considering so many taxpayers have questions about it.

Bi-States President and CEO told Elliott that the area risks losing future federal funds if it let the Loop Trolley fold.

Bi-State's next meeting is January 24 where they could decide whether to abandoned the bailout or go forward with it.

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