ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Residents in a small town in north St. Louis County are in an uproar over a new city parking plan.

The City of Velda Village Hills decided residents can only park on one side of the street every six months to make room for fire trucks and ambulances.

Residents said they fear limiting parking to one side of the street will mean there will be fewer spaces. Some people are concerned about having to park several blocks away from their homes, especially when carrying a bag full of groceries.

FOX 2 reached out to Velda Village Hills Mayor Patricia Ross and the Board of Aldermen, who said they needed to find a solution and didn’t have a better option.

Councilwoman Effie Moore said she understands why citizens are unhappy about the new parking plan. She said officials are open to any ideas, but so far, she said they haven’t heard any.

One resident, Monica Mondaine, has already gotten a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street. She calls it a real hardship.

“I’m very upset, cause I have asthma and other illnesses as well,” Mondaine said. “When I have to walk up a hill, they’ve got a little slope. I had to take my time just to walk up here. Where else am I supposed to park when relatives come over? I have to park in the middle of the street or around the corner.”

When asked if the city has considered other options, Ross responds:

“What other options there are, we would still have to make it available for one side to be clear. There are some things that call for a change, and this is one of those.”