St. Louis County to spend $500K for more security at jail

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CLAYTON, Mo. — The St. Louis County Council voted to use $500,000 from the Justice Services Budget to hire more security at the county jail.

The jail in Clayton is short of about 78 officers. The need for more security heightened when a female corrections officer at the jail was attacked and beaten by an inmate and had to be hospitalized.

To make matters even worse, the worker shortage has made it harder to hire new people.

In addition to the money to hire a security firm, the council also approved raises for the workers they already have.

Some sources told FOX 2’s Elliott Davis that the county is furiously trying to improve the security picture to avoid inmate uprisings, like what the City of St. Louis has experienced in the past.

County officials believe they will be able to hire about a dozen people for six months with the $500,000 in funding to keep staff and inmates safer.

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