ST. LOUIS – This cold weather in our area has been brutal for families living in homes without heat. One mother called FOX 2’s You Paid For It Team with her problem, saying she couldn’t get the landlord to fix the boiler. She’s surviving with the use of space heaters, but there’s a fire danger with that.

Jennifer McCray said she’s endured the cold weather for weeks now.

FOX 2’s Elliott Davis contacted the landlord, who told us she was trying to fix the boiler but it kept going out. She promised she would keep working to fix it.

Many people have called the You Paid For It Team with similar problems of living in houses with no heat, despite their pleas to landlords.

“It’s been real tough. See how I have to dress in the house? This is what I have to wear through the house cause it’s so cold,” McCray said. “And the landlord, she’s not doing anything. The manager’s not doing anything. No one is doing nothing.”

McCray said she’s contacted a lot of agencies, public and private, but she’s still stuck here. She puts sheets over the doorway to try to keep out the cold air.

Our news crew put a thermostat in her apartment and we measured a temperature of 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is not a week McCray is looking forward to. The temperature is expected to get down to single digits. Poor families like hers will be stuck trying to fend off the cold.