ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis City resident faced a horrendously unhealthy situation on San Francisco Street when her trash hadn’t been picked up for months. On top of that, the route the trash trucks took to get the trash was covered by vegetation.

Leslie Herron called FOX 2 to take a look at this situation and bring attention to it. Herron said she cannot believe how bad things have gotten. She said she couldn’t get help.

“I was calling the city hall nuisance department and nothing was being done. I called you, and you came right out to interview me, and here we are,” Herron said.

After FOX 2 began to investigate, an army of people was sent by the City of St. Louis to clean out the vegetation. The dump trucks finally haul away the trash.

Alderwoman Laura Keys got involved and started to take action on the issue before even being sworn in.

She won the seat in a special election that was held by former Alderman John Collins Muhammad. He pleaded guilty to a federal bribery scandal. The new aldermen vowed to hit the ground running to try to make sure things like trash collection are provided to residents.

Keys said she first heard about the situation when FOX 2 first reported the story weeks ago.

”I actually happened to see it online because I try to follow the different news feeds,” she said. “And when I saw it, I said, ‘Oh, my Lord.'”

The problem of lack of trash collection has been an issue with many families as they’ve seen the trash and garbage piling up in alleys. The city admitted there’s a problem and one that has no easy or cheap way to fix it.

Herron said she is happy that the trash issue is solved.

“Wonderful, I am so grateful to Channel Two’s Elliott Davis and Alderwoman Keys for getting this done,” she said.