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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – You Paid For It investigates residents complaints that St. Louis officials are turning a blind eye to rundown houses in a development area next to their homes.

A resident called us after getting little action from the city to tear down a horrible house next door to her that she calls a dangerous building attracting rats.

The house is owned by developer Paul Mckee who promises to revive the area.

But the project is taking years. Meanwhile, the resident says she has to look at the eyesore every day. She says her complaints to the city have gone unanswered.

We went to see the head of the St. Louis Building Department that admits the house is a hazard and could fall down.

They say they’ve condemned the building, but say they don’t have resources to do much more.  The commissioner did promise to take a hard look at the property to see if any more can be done in the way of getting the house torn down.  The city would have to bill Paul Mckee for the demolition in that case.

The building commissioner says it might take years for the city to get its money back.

The resident says that officials don’t care about her plight and adds they’d never put up with such an eyesore next to them.