Sunset Hills aldermen order city workers to restore signs protesting proposed water tower

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SUNSET HILLS, Mo. – A dramatic new twist in a You Paid For It investigation in Sunset Hills. The city recently removed water tower protest signs. But after a hearing, the city is being forced to put them back up again.

FOX 2 has been covering the opposition to a proposed 1.5-million-gallon water tower since January. The water company wants to build a new one to replace the current, smaller water tower.

Protest signs have been popping up all over Sunset hill blasting the project that Mayor Pat Fribis supported.

Angie Weigel, one of the main citizens pushing back against the project, found her signs in front of her house where the city had taken them down from the city’s right away, even though other signs in the right of way were left standing.

Weigel said it was a violation of her First Amendment rights. She appeared at the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen meeting to tell them so.

FOX 2 asked Mayor Fribis for an interview but she declined. She couldn’t duck questions from aldermen, who blasted the city for removing Weigel’s protest signs while leaving others standing.

In the end, aldermen directed city workers to put her signs back up.

The fate of the water tower project has yet to be decided but opponents say they’re glad they’ll be able to keep getting their message out in their effort to stop it.

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