ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A north St. Louis County resident contacted the You Paid For It team to get a burned-out shell of a house demolished.

Reginald Newburn said the house on Yvette Court burned down years ago, but residents in the Florissant-area subdivision just haven’t been able to get the county to tear it down.

“Calls, emails, pictures going out there. I can’t get any help from anybody to do anything,” Newburn said. “I keep getting promises right now. They act like we never did anything at all. Other neighbors have called, same thing. They don’t answer our calls, they don’t return calls, they won’t address it. They say they’re coming out. They come out, we never see them. Ask them to stop by and talk to us personally, so we can explain to them. We don’t get none of that.”

Newburn said the house is attracting trouble.

“We got drug dealers now and do their little business now in the cul-de-sac. As you can see, illegal dumping, all kind of problems. Illegal parking. It goes on day and night,” he said.

When Newburn had trouble getting through to the county, he contacted FOX 2, who reached out to the office of St. Louis County Executive Sam Page.

Doug Moore, a spokesman for Page’s office, said he’d get to the bottom of things, and turned the matter over to the county’s Department of Transportation and Public Works.

David Wrone, a Public Works spokesman, told FOX 2 the house is scheduled for demolition later this year with a contractor.

Newburn said the county has promised to tear the home down twice before and never did. He said this time, he’ll just have to wait and see if they live up to their word.