TROY, Mo. — A man in Troy, Missouri, said he has a huge stormwater flooding problem. Timothy Cuido said stormwater mitigation issues caused water to slice through his backyard and damage his property. 

Cuido said he talked to local aldermen about the mess but has not gotten any good advice yet. 

“I’ve tried to talk to the City of Troy. I’ve tried to talk to the Army Corps of Engineers, said Cuido. “I’ve gotten nowhere. I’m in my last resort. I don’t know what to do. It’s bad enough to where my yard is eroding. I’m probably five feet away from losing my pool in my backyard!” 

He said the aldermen advise him to let the vegetation grow and that should stop the flooding. 

FOX 2 contacted Troy officials about the issue but has not received a response yet. 

Meanwhile, Cuido said he is dealing with a lot of grief. 

“The City of Troy, I believe, should be responsible for this because it’s their stormwater runoff,” said Cuido. “I have small children and I’m scared there are children that play in this neighborhood. I’m scared that one of them is going to fall down in there, something bad could really happen.”