UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – Flood-weary University City residents are still hoping for a flood buyout. They’ve been waiting a long time. Those along Wilson Avenue were slammed in the powerful floods in July 2022, just like the rest of the St. Louis area.

University City had hoped to buy out 300 homes but had to cut that request down to 14, a request that still has not been approved by the fed.

While homeowners on Wilson Avenue are still awaiting help, the owner of an apartment complex is getting $3.2 million in a federal flood buyout.

University City applied for the money in a national competition and was one of the local winners.

The apartments will be torn down and made into green space. University City City Manager Gregory Rose said they have no control over the approval process.

“The Hafner Court Apartments, which is what we received the money to buy out, is frequently flooded,” he said. “So, we had made an application with SEMA and FEMA to buy out that apartment complex.”

Rose said the city has filed a separate application with SEMA and FEMA for the homes on Wilson Avenue.

“That application is still going through the process at the federal level. We hope to get some response from them pretty soon,” he said.

Two other local cities, besides University City, won a share of the special federal flood funds. Ladue received $3.5 million to buy out six homes, and Webster Groves got $578,730 for two residential properties.

University City officials say they’re just waiting for the approval of the money for residents.

“Sure, is there a possibility? There’s always a possibility that you’re not going to get federal funding,” Rose said. “But we have no reason to believe that, at this point, that we won’t be funded.”