ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A woman in hospice who faced eviction from a subsidized home in north St. Louis County will no longer have to leave.

Bobbie Williams-Bell, of Spanish Lake, has stage 4 cancer. She called FOX 2’s You Paid For It team two weeks ago after getting a notice from her landlord that she had to vacate the government-subsidized home. Williams-Bell said she was not up for moving.

Following the report, the St. Louis County Housing Authority said Williams can stay in the home after all. Shannon Koenig, the Housing Authority’s executive director, said the agency had been working feverishly to solve the problem. Koenig admitted things came together after the You Paid For It investigation.

“We started working feverishly on her behalf to get in touch with the landlord to see what was going on, and they were very difficult to get a hold of,” said Koenig. “But we persisted and went up through our chains of management to try to make it happen.”

“It wasn’t really until you came into the picture and started doing your reporting that the landlord responded to us, responded to our asking for Ms. Williams-Bell to stay,” Koenig continued. “And right after your story aired, we were able to get that confirmation from them and make back payments to them, and she’s able to stay.”

Williams-Bell said she feels like a weight has been lifted.

“I feel wonderful at this time,” she said. “I feel vindicated. I feel elated, and there is joy. There is a burden lifted, shall we say. There are other burdens that will come along, indeed. There are some even now, but not this one.”

After Williams-Bell first called the You Paid For It team, we reached out to HUD. The agency promised to fix the problem and called in the St. Louis County Housing Authority, which had cut off money to the landlord after he refused to do the required work.

None of that was adequately communicated to Williams-Bell. The landlord gave her the notice to vacate after the Housing Authority stopped paying. Now, all is straightened out

Willams-Bell said she’s grateful FOX 2 investigator Elliott Davis stepped in.

“You made a tremendous difference, definitely,” she said. “And like I said, the light of truth and the light of a fire, they all have a quickening agency to them. And you being a man of integrity and honor in the community, made a big difference.”