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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A north St. Louis county woman in hospice, suffering from stage 4 cancer, said she’s dealing with more problems now. Bobbie Williams-Bell said her landlord sent her a notice to vacate her Spanish Lake home.

She said the landlord told her that HUD had stopped paying its half of the rent. However, she said HUD never told her anything, and officials have not offered any solutions for her situation. She said she can barely walk to the end of the block, much less move somewhere else.

“It’s very, very scary and disturbing to think that because someone says you must go, you just up and go,” Williams-Bell said. “I cannot up and go. That’s the bottom line.”

A HUD spokesperson declined to appear on camera but released the following statement: “HUD provides rental assistance to the public housing authority. The public housing authority has informed us that support will continue to be provided until a new residence is secured. We would refer you to the landlord representative for further update on the status of the property.”

FOX 2 reached out to the landlord but has not received a callback.

Williams-Bell said her biggest fear is having to move when she doesn’t have the energy for it. She said she called the You Paid For It team when she couldn’t get answers anywhere else.

“I found out that HUD had stopped paying the landlord,” she said. “I’m still paying, so why did HUD stop? And I never heard from HUD why they stopped.”

She said it’s unfair for HUD not to tell her they would stop paying. She says HUD wanted some work done that the landlord wouldn’t do.