FLORISSANT, Mo. – A Florissant home becomes a nightmare for a mom and her two children.

The person they thought was a landlord turned out to be an imposter. Now their deposit money is gone, and the St. Louis County Housing Authority said there is little they can do to solve the issue.

The historic July flooding damaged LaTosha Ross and her two kids’ home in University City, so she had to find another place.

Ross discovered a house to rent in Florissant. She said her housing authority caseworker gave her a list of properties to choose from. The housing authority said she found the property on her own.

Ross said she paid a deposit of nearly $2,000 to the fake landlord.

Now the legitimate owners have come and demanded she vacates the property. It puts Ross in a difficult position since she said there is no money, which makes it hard for her to leave. The housing authority said their hands are tied.

She reached out to FOX 2 for help in this situation. We contacted St. Louis County Housing Authority Executive Director Shannon Koeing, who said they were not to blame and there was little they could do.

The housing authority advised Ross to find another place to live.