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ST. LOUIS – Fox 2’s You Paid For It team is taking a hard look at a south St Louis traffic measure that’s got a lot of motorists up in arms.

Concrete spheres were put in the street at six intersections along Compton Avenue. It’s supposed to get drivers to slow down.

Instead, many say it’s created a hazard as drivers try to dodge the concrete spheres. It’s especially troublesome for people making a turn and having to swing out wide into traffic to avoid hitting the spheres.

Investigator Elliott Davis talked to St. Louis Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia about this deal. She okayed spending you $235,000 on this project.

Ingrassia says she’s confident that it’s going to work just fine. And she’s convinced it’s a good deal for your tax dollars. She says while it hasn’t been tried in the St Louis area, it has been used in other cities.

Others don’t like this deal at all. A civil engineer Elliott talked to also called it a bad idea. He says anytime you put obstacles in the roadway, it’s asking for trouble.