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ST. LOUIS – The Bi-State has some unexpected millions from pandemic funds that can be used to try to make the system safer.

It’s even exploring the possibility of having turnstiles and the Metrolink stations Bi-State is getting some $362 million from the American Recovery Act.

While it’s using the lion’s share to keep the system running by making up for passengers and other revenue lost during the pandemic, millions will be put towards security measures at Metrolink Stations.

One idea being explored is turnstiles. 

That idea was rejected years ago when You Paid For It brought it up after a trip to Atlanta to see that city’s MARTA Transit System that has barriers for entry. But Bi-State President CEO Taulby Roach says now all options are on the table to make the system safer.

Bi-State is trying to overcome the perception that the system is unsafe and there is too much crime on the system. That perception is costing the system ridership. Before the pandemic, it was down some 15 percent.

Executives are trying to improve the image so as to increase ridership. Roach is not saying how much they are going to spend on security.

Bi-State Commissioner Derrick Keith Cox, a frequent critic of security on the transit system, says this time Bi-State is moving in the right direction.