You Paid For It: Cahokia Heights mayor sends crews to clean up derelict mobile home

You Paid For It

CAHOKIA, Ill. – Residents of what used to be Cahokia were coping with a nightmare after someone moved out of a mobile home and left the site with junk and trash.

Residents feared it would become a dumping ground for outsiders and would wreck their peaceful community. They tried over the past year to get officials to act, with no luck.

It got so bad the resident next door built a fence to separate his house from the mess. Residents also complained about debris from the property blowing all over the street. 

The community has now become Cahokia Heights after the merger with its neighborhood. Fed up residents called You Paid For It for help.

Elliott Davis reached Cahokia Heights Mayor Curtis McCall who promised to send out his street crew to demolish and clean up the mess. True to his word, the mayor sent out the work crews.

The You Paid For It team was there when the cleanup started much to the relief of grateful residents. 

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