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CAHOKIA, IL (KTVI)– On You Paid For it our investigation of a getaway by Cahokia School District Officials to Boston next month for a National School District conference that’s going to cost taxpayers more than $13,000. Four School Board Members and the Superintendent are going on this getaway. Taxpayers are shelling out $11,000 for board members to go and $2,200 for the superintendent to go on the 3 day Getaway.

Investigator Elliott Davis questions the President of the School Board Peggy Shelton who defends this deal saying Board Members need to go for continuing education.

I check with other school districts and found out they get along just fine without going on this trip.

The Edwardsville School District isn’t sending anyone to the conference, neither is the Alton School District or the Belleville School District. All said it was just too expensive in these troubled times.

Illinois School Districts are in a financial crisis partly because of the economy and also because the State of Illinois has been slow in paying what it owes because of the State’s own financial troubles.

Out of town travel is certainly one area that can be slashed to save precious tax dollars at school districts that have been forced to cut back their expenses, and lay off workers!

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