ST. LOUIS – Residents all over the St. Louis area are fearful of the effects of trees in a storm. We’ve all seen videos of trees falling on houses and cars and tragically, in some cases, people.

Residents living on Neosho Street in South St. Louis were frightened about the city-owned tree on their block, which they say looked in danger of falling in a storm.

They recently called the You Paid For It team after they had trouble getting through to the Forestry Department for St. Louis City. Now, that tree is down.  

”I think you coming here made it apparent that the tree could have caused a lot of damage,” said Lauren Price to FOX 2’s Elliott Davis. “I’m kind of like, what did it take to get it done this fast. You had to come here, and then they did it. Kind of makes me wonder about the rest of the city. Is that what it takes for trees to come down?”

Sharon Rice is glad for the change too. “I was so happy when I came home and saw the tree was down. I was so happy,” she said.  

“It was important because I was scared a big storm might come through and might fall on somebody’s house or somebody’s car or might even kill somebody. That’s why I was really concerned about it.”

St Louis Alderman Joe Vollmer, after a phone call with Elliott Davis, reached the Forestry Commissioner, who vowed to take action. Before long, workers were hard at work, cutting down the tree until only a stump remained.  

“I didn’t want my car, my house or anybody else’s house in the neighborhood to be ruined,” said Price.