You Paid for It: Collinsville superintendent criticizes decision to move ahead with assessment tests

You Paid For It

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – The superintendent of Collinsville School District #10 says districts like his are getting a bad deal from the US Department of Education.

Federal officials ordered states to give students assessment tests. The tests are supposed to measure how far kids have fallen behind during the pandemic.

But Dr. Brad Skertich says it’s a bad idea to test kids so soon considering they were out of school for a year because of COVID and time is need for them to readjust to being back in school.

Skertich says a better option would have been to wait until the fall to do a series of tests in the fall, winter, and spring to measure their progress.

The Department of Education allowed school districts waive the tests last year during the height of the pandemic. Skertich says they should have done the same this year.

He and other Illinois school superintendents, along with the Illinois Education Department, tried to get federal education officials to change their mind about giving the test this year. But they had no luck.

Illinois and Missouri, and all the nation’s school districts, must give the assessment tests.

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