You Paid For It: Could Prop P be a ‘bait and switch’?

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ST. LOUIS – The You Paid For It team is digging into what could be the biggest bait and switch ever for taxpayers in St Louis County.

Voters were told Proposition P would mean more money for police when asked to vote for the measure on a 2017 ballot. It passed overwhelmingly.

Prop P generates around $80 million a year.

But a politician on the St Louis County Council has thought of other ways to spend the money other than on law enforcement, as voters intended.

Councilman Ernie Trakas said the ballot language says the money is to be spent on “police and public safety.” He’s introducing a measure to expand the definition of public safety to include a lot of other areas, such as park rangers, workers in the County Counselor’s Office, and highway workers.

Police Chief Jon Belmar said it would be unfair to spend the money on those things since that’s not what the public was told. He said the bill was passed as a measure to help police.

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