AFFTON, Mo. — Army veteran Rick Coker and his wife, Lori, from Affton have been struggling to get him the government medical benefits he needs. Now, they’re seeing results after FOX 2’s You Paid For It Team joined the fight.

Lori said it feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders. She’s caring for her husband, who’s now in a nursing home after suffering a brain aneurysm.

Rick didn’t have the Medicaid/Medicare that he desperately needed to pay for doctors and medicine. He had bills of $4,000 after just several weeks in the nursing home.

“Well, they called me on the phone and said, ‘Okay, Mrs. Coker. We have all the information we need from you. You will get your acceptance letter in the mail any day.’ My husband was on the way to the hospital, so I said, ‘Husband’s on the way to the hospital. Are we covered?’ And they said yes.”

It’s been a struggle.

The couple dropped the Medicaid/Medicare years back. He didn’t need it because his needs were covered by Veteran Affairs. After his aneurysm, he needed to go into a nursing home. All the VA facilities were full.

Private nursing homes wouldn’t take him because he didn’t have government medical benefits. Finally, one did but the cost was a lot more than they could afford.

The You Paid For It Team did two reports on their plight and contacted both VA and Medicaid/Medicare officials.

Sen. Roy Blunt’s Office contacted Lori to help and so did the Office of Congresswoman Ann Wagner.

In the end, it was an important battle this veteran needed to win and did.

“Well Elliott, what takes most people a year to qualify for, you did for me in three months, and I really appreciate it,” Lori told FOX 2’s Elliott Davis. “Wish everybody didn’t have to fight the fight like this and go above and beyond. But you did it for me, and I appreciate it.”