ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Tiffany Schreiber called FOX 2’s You Paid For It team when her apartment complex threatened to evict her.

Schreiber, who has a disability, had lived in the north St. Louis County complex for several years. She said after she started standing up for other tenants, trouble started for her.

She was hit with a little-known clause in the apartment manual that said a tenant or a relative staying there had to be disabled by the time they were 22 years old. Tiffany didn’t become disabled until 30.

The You Paid For It team spotlighted her cause. Later, HUD launched an investigation. The housing organization Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity Council also weighed in and provided her with legal help.

Tiffany lost the first round in court. She was planning her appeal when the apartment complex did an about-face and dropped the eviction even agreeing to let her continue staying in the complex if she wanted to.

Tiffany said she is elated at the outcome of this case. She said it’s not so much for her but rather for other tenants hit with the same stick as she was. She credits You Paid For It for spotlighting the issue, putting it front and center, and helping to win her the victory.