WELLSTON, Mo. – Sarah Ray taught in the Wellston School District for 40 years before retiring in the community. The former teacher had no idea she would have to put up with a horrible eyesore in her community that she couldn’t get officials to solve.

Frustrated, Ray called FOX 2’s You Paid For It team. After some doing, we finally got city hall moving to tear down the derelict house next door that was threatening her own home.

Ray and her daughter were fearful because of all the traffic going in and out of the abandoned building at all times of the night.

Wellston city officials told FOX 2 they needed the title to the property before they could tear it down. Mayor Nathaniel Griffin said the hold-up was that St. Louis County would not provide the needed documents. When we checked with the Page administration, they said it was the city of Wellston that didn’t provide the proper paperwork.

After hearing that, Mayor Griffin got moving and put the demolition on the fast track. The house was finally torn down. Ray and her daughter finally had something to smile about.