ST. LOUIS – The You Paid For It Team goes to bat for viewers from water woes north St. Louis, to an abandoned motel in Belleville, Illinois.

Rosemary Williamson couldn’t get the City of St. Louis Water Division to fix a broken water line in front of her house. It was causing flooding outside her home, and causing low water pressure inside. It got so bad, it made it hard to take a bath.

When Williamson could not get the water crews moving, she called You Paid For It. It took two You Paid For It reports and a few visits by the Water Department to finally take care of the problem. Williamson was once again a happy camper.

“I watch You Paid For It, I thought, ‘Well, Mr. Elliott, let me think about this for a minute.’ I texted you,” she said. “But you know, God is good though. God gave me you, so all is good, all is good. You kept my sanity, you really did.”

Annette Smith had a different problem. The abandoned house next door had glass falling from second floor windows. She feared the glass would injure her grandchildren. Piles of glass were stacked up on the ground. She says she called the City of St Louis time and again, but no one ever showed up.

She finally called You Paid For It. We broadcast the story. The next day, city work crews showed up and boarded up the windows. She thanked us for getting action.

FOX 2 then went to bat for residents in Belleville. Homeowner Cindi McDonald called us for help getting an old abandoned motel demolished. He had battled for seven years trying to get the city moving.

McDonald finally called us. He says the wheels began turning after we broadcast our story. The former mayor called Cindi, but ultimately new Mayor Patti Gregory finally got the ball across the finish line and got the hotel demolished.

McDonald credits You Paid For It, Mayor Patti Gregory, and his own unrelenting persistence in getting this Belleville eyesore eliminated.