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ILLINOIS (KTVI) – Monday’s You Paid For It, the Illinois Auditor General makes a startling discovery in an Audit of the Illinois Department of Human Services. Sex Offenders Living at the same address as people you pay to be child care providers.

The providers are people who keep kids while their parents are at work you paid more than a $250,000 to people with sex offenders in the home.

Apparently Human Services didn’t cross check address to avoid the serious situation.

A prior Audit found as many as 90 Child Care providers at the same addresses as sex offender, now the new audit discovers that Human Services let some of the children stay in that situation, living in homes with a sex offender where the state was paying their caregivers.

The head of a special committee of the Illinois House of Representatives calls it an extremely serious situation and also plans to investigate what went wrong.

Apparently the Human Services Computers didn’t match up with the state police computers to cross check addresses.

The secretary of the department who’s appointed by the government at first didn’t want to talk about this problem. You Paid For It caught up with her anyway for an explanation.

She claims her department has taken corrective action to now be able to identify similar cases in the future.