You Paid For It: Imperial neighborhood fights to stop new development

You Paid For It

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – A neighborhood in Imperial is in a battle with the Jefferson County Council over a project they fear will bring misery to their community. They’re trying to block a 300-unit apartment complex from being built right behind their yards.

The neighborhood believes politicians are trying to pull a fast one on them and they called You Paid For It investigators for help. They fear is the development will bring too much congestion and more crime to their community.  

The Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Board voted down the project citing the chance of too much congestion and noting the opposition from residents in the area. To residents’ dismay, now the Jefferson County Council is taking up the issue and the Council could approve it.

What’s worse? Residents could have filed a petition challenging the project. An official told them that wasn’t necessary because the Planning and Zoning Board would likely vote down the project anyway.

Unfortunately, by the time the Council decided to take up the issue, residents were told it was too late to file their petition. The issue comes before the Council at their meeting Monday evening. 

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