You Paid For It – Loop Trolley vying for millions in federal tax dollars

You Paid For It

ST. LOUIS – The public will soon have the chance to speak out on whether the Delmar Loop Trolley should get another $1.2 million in federal tax dollars.

The Federal Transit Agency has said the trolley is eligible for the money. It’s one of 15 organizations vying for a share of federal dollars.

Trolley management says it would put in another $500,000. The organization says that would allow it to operate for another two years and it would be free to ride.

The trolley has been shut down since Dec. 2019 when it ran out of money.

It still has to clear a huge hurdle. It must be okayed by the board of directors for the East-West Gateway Council of Governments. Among them are area mayors, county executives, and board chairmen in our area. It remains to be seen if they want to step out on the limb for the trolley that so far has not lived up to expectations.

Taxpayers shelled out $51 million for the trolley that just operated a year before shutting down. Supporters said they hoped to get rolling again but the COVID pandemic intervened.

At one time, Bi-State Development toyed with the idea of taking over the trolley but later dropped the idea.

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