You Paid For It: Mother and children can’t get help fixing unsafe, unhealthy home

You Paid For It

ST. LOUIS – A mother stuck in unhealthy and unsafe conditions at her government-subsidized house in north St Louis contacts FOX 2’s You Paid For It team for help.

The ceiling has collapsed on the first floor, apparently due to a leaking toilet on the third floor of the house. In addition to that, there are electrical problems throughout the house. Half the outlets don’t work.

Laquinta Smith complained about the troubles time and again but says she couldn’t get action.

FOX 2 stepped in and contacted the St. Louis Housing Authority.

Alana Green, the head of the authority, said she was aware of the problem. She agrees with Smith that the management company was too slow in reacting to her complaint and too slow in fixing the troubles.

Green vowed to press the management company to fix the trouble and move her to a new unit.

But as of this weekend, the house still has problems that need to be fixed and Smith and her children have yet to be moved.

FOX 2 will monitor the situation until it’s resolved.

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