You Paid For It: New twist comes to light about the Cure Violence program

You Paid For It
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ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Board of Aldermen passed the Cure Violence crime fighting program to tackle the high number of homicides in St Louis.

Last fall Aldermen voted to spend $5 million dollars over several years on the program.

Back when the issue was being debated supporters billed Cure Violence as a standalone program separate from law enforcement that could cut murders 40 percent or more in the city.

I interviewed Board President Lewis Reed the main backer of the plan on Friday.

He told me for Cure Violence to be as successful as it can be, police will have to perform well and so will the courts.

But that qualifier wasn't used when supporters were trying to get the measure approved.

Reed says we should see a decrease in homicides with Cure Violence.

But when I asked about the dramatic decrease that was promised he repeated that much will depend on how well the police and the courts do.

When I asked if he was hedging his bets, he replies no he wasn't.

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