ST. LOUIS – A water main break caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages last summer for some northside families along Carter Avenue, many of whom are still seeking help from St. Louis City Hall.

The You Paid For It team decided to turn to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen for help since their pay was doubled to $72,000 a year, but we ran into a stone wall. One alderman who represents Carter Street agreed to an interview, but back on the day she was scheduled to talk with FOX 2.

She later sent a text to FOX 2’s Elliott Davis, saying: “Elliott, if you’re going to be honest and truthful, you know that the mayor’s office has control. Aldermen do not. I am continuing to work on the issue.”

Homeowners on Carter Street, like Marine Veteran Cornelius Higgins, had this to say in light of Aldermen doubling their pay to $70,000: “We vote for these people in office. Now that you are in there, you are not doing anything to help us. I mean, we’re just a small group, but my vote counted.”

Carter Street resident Melanie Lockart, whose home was also flooded, is just as frustrated.

“It’s a water main break that did not have anything to do with us or our neighbors,” she said. “It didn’t have anything to do with us, and now we have to pick up the pieces, living in our homes that are half built.”

Trouble struck this past summer. A St. Louis City water main broke and damaged the sewer system. The water main break wrecked havoc on basements. Lockart says she had just finished some upgrades just before it flooded.

“Now we have to finish and fix our basements and start everything we had down there all over again,” said Lockart. “Then they just slap us in the face and say they aren’t responsible for anything. It’s a shame.”

Lockart did talk to Alderwoman Laura Keys who represents the area.

“I have not seen her, but I have talked to her, and she was more helpful than the city was,” said Lockart.

When asked what advice she got from the alderwoman, Lockart said, “Get the neighborhood together, and we need to get a lawyer. I don’t think that’s going to happen.“

Elliott also reached out to the office of Megan Green, St. Louis Board of Alderman President. She did not get the hefty pay hike.

Her office got back to Elliott, saying: “Regarding Mr. Higgins, we appreciate that you made us aware of this situation and will follow up with him once we have more information.”

Higgins says he hasn’t heard back from Megan Green and is not getting much in the way of help from his own.