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MADISON, IL (KTVI) – A sit-down interview turns sour and turns to name calling when “You Paid For It” questions a Metro East township official about hiring his own wife Debbie Economy as his assistant in the township office in Madison Illinois, all on taxpayers dime.

Not only is his wife paid $61,000 a year, but Supervisor Andy Economy gets to decide his wife’s pay raises and her salary has doubled over the past 11 years.

Supervisor Economy got testy over Elliott Davis’s questions saying at one point:

“You want to talk like an idiot, I’ll treat you like and idiot” To which Elliott responded

“I’m not being an idiot..I’m asking you why you hired your wife for a job.”

The Supervisor admits its nepotism answering:

“I’m not the only one doing it.”

He wouldn’t name the others. Some pretty testy moments in this encounter even though the interview was set up in advance and the Supervisor knew we were coming.

Debbie Economy works in the same office as her husband. He says hiring his wife has the township board’s okay. He says he couldn’t find anyone better to do the job as one of his assistants.