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CLAYTON, Mo. – The You Paid For It team is shining a light on a deal by St. Louis County Executive Sam Page‘s administration for lobbyists, which will cost taxpayers $150,000.

Page is hiring up to six lobbyists to fight efforts in Jefferson City to take away his power to order pandemic-related shutdowns and restrictions on his own.

Under a measure sponsored by State Senator Bob Onder of St. Charles County, Page would have to get the consent of two-thirds of the St. Louis County Council instead of ordering it on his own as he does now.

Onder, who is sponsoring the bill in the Missouri Senate, calls it a waste of county taxpayers’ money. He says the lobbying effort by Page will have little impact on the Republican legislature.

A Page spokesman defended the administration’s actions, saying the proposed legislation would weaken the progress Page has made so far dealing with the pandemic.

The administration also says they’ll be able to use the lobbyists on other issues. The county hasn’t had a lobbyist in years.