You Paid For It: Should High School Grads Get 2 Diplomas?

You Paid For It
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WENTZVILLE, MO. (KTVI) - State Representative Bryan Spencer from Wentzville says high schoolers should get two diplomas to graduate from high school instead of one. One diploma would be sort of a certificate saying the child attended high school. The second "academic" diploma would signify that the child actually learned something.

The academic diploma would be based entirely on the student passing four tests:  Math, Science, English, and Social Science. Failing the tests would mean the student wouldn't qualify for an academic diploma.

St. Charles School Superintendent Jeff Marion is one of those with doubts about this.  He says it throws out all that a student accomplished over four years.  Then pins the student's future on passing four tests.  This is something he believes would cause extreme anxiety on stressed students.

Representative Spencer insists it would just get kids ready for the real world. He insists you already have to take tests for many things in life to show you know what you're doing, why not for high school graduation.

Rep. Spencer is running into a lot of opposition to his idea.  The bill did not get passed in this legislative session.   He says he's entertaining the idea of modifying it to give it a better chance of passage next session.

If idea does become law then high school would get a lot harder for a lot of teachers and students. Many students may drop out because they would end up with a meaningless certificate after four years of work.

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