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OAKVILLE, Mo. – An Oakville couple said they’re finally getting a break on the unemployment funds that they received during the pandemic, and now the state wants them to pay a portion back.

The You Paid For It Team spotlighted the couple’s plight and how Missouri Governor Mike Parson wanted struggling families to repay the money they were overpaid by the state and federal government. Nearly 46,000 Missouri families are affected, saying they owe $150 million.

Brad and Lori Pollina thanked the You Paid For It for featuring them in the reports on the issue. But others should get the credit this time, including those in the Missouri Legislature.

The House passed a bill to end the repayment of the federal funds, but time ran out in the senate. The federal government decided families didn’t have to repay money overpaid to them. The legislature even put some $40 million in the budget to cover state overpayments.

Time ran out before the legislation could be passed to forgive the state overpayment. The state did however make some concessions. The Oakville couple, says the feds forgave $5,000 and they now only owe the state about $200.