CLAYTON, Mo. – Members of the St. Louis County Council may be on their way to a pay hike.

Voters approved setting up a special pay commission to see if the council should get an increase and, if so, by how much.

Commission chairman Tim Fitch, a former member of the county council, said the council has not had a raise in a long time and has long deserve one.

When asked if the raise would be as large as the increase St. Louis City aldermen gave themselves, Fitch balked.

The city doubled the pay for aldermen, from $37,500 to $72,000, because the size of the board was cut in half; from 28 members down to 14.

Fitch said that is too much money for what the lawmakers do, adding there’s no way he would commend county council members get that much. He points out that the council districts have more people than the new city wards.

Th county pay commission will make its recommendations by the end of May. The county council will then vote whether to accept or reject those recommendations.